Faithfully build upon the traditions and heritage of the Holy Trinity Council 12394 by providing a Catholic fraternal example to our brothers, families, and the community at large through the Knights of Columbus's principles of Charity, Unity, Fraternity, and Patriotism.


Friends and Brothers in Christ, we would be honored if you would join us for fellowship and to learn more about our fraternal community. Any practical Catholic man is welcome! Regular business meetings are held in the View Room on the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM and are preceded by an informal fellowship dinner starting at 6:00 P.M. Dinner is a $10 donation, but your first visit is free! Please check this webpage for our calendar of events.

- Chris Ewing, Grand Knight, 2019-2020 -

Council Meetings

Join us for dinner!

Please join us for fellowship and to learn more about our community. Regular business meetings are held at Holy Trinity Parish the first Wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM and are preceded by an informal fellowship dinner starting at 6:00 P.M. Double check the calendar for exact dates. Dinner is a $10 donation, but your first visit is free!  

We meet in the View Room

**Note: as of October, 2018 we are meeting in the View Room, not the Youth Room.** Go right to the main church entrance and look right. There is an entrance through the Narthex and from the outside next to the adjacent small kitchen area.

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Had the privilege of hosting this tonight, good job Brother Knights!

Brian Mclaughlin
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The progressive revisionist history is near-ubiquitous in our school systems and in our popular culture. We must resist this sort of sad attempt to construct a false historical narrative over our beautiful American heritage.

This TED-Ed video is incorrect. So let's debunk it point by point:

1. Columbus did not bring slavery to America. Slavery was universal and it was practiced by the natives too.
2. Most people believed the Earth was round, few believed it was flat. Yet they had their share of myths not mention in the video.
3. The maps back then ended with "Thule" or Iceland/Greenland. Not even the Vikings would PURPOSELY cross it. The reason why they reached North America was because they were living at the time where the maps ended, when a storm accidentally drove Erikson to the lands that are next and very close to "Thule." But no one would PURPOSELY cross it, which is why it was called the "Sea of Darkness." That was not mentioned in the video.
4. The word "discovery" did not mean "the first one to find inhabited land," in Columbus' historical context. Columbus knew people were there since he proposed to find a new route to trade with... PEOPLE! The word "discover" means Columbus discovered peoples and lands the Old World did not know existed.
5. The video claims that because of Columbus, millions of "native Americans" are not here today. That is false because EVERYONE who is born in America is a native American, and we are here. Also, the claim is ridiculous since is impossible for one man to kill so many people.
6. Columbus took a HANDFUL of natives initially against their will, so they could guide him through the uncharted waters. He did not know their language, and they did not know his. What the video did not say is that Columbus would give them gifts and let them go. In that way, they understood he wanted some of them to help him as guides and they would be pay. At the end of the voyage, they went to Spain with him VOLUNTARILY because he earned their trust.
7. Columbus did not say he was going to conquer and enslaved ALL the natives. That is not true. Under Spanish law, citizens were not allowed to be enslaved. Columbus saw the natives he was meeting (at that moment) as citizens because they received him peacefully. Columbus was assuring the queen that he could easily defeat them IF he had to fight them because they were not skillful in battle. That is the context for that statement.
8. The natives were not as peaceful as some people claim either. When Columbus said they were "peaceful," he meant they were peaceful toward him. Other tribes attacked him or his men.
9. About the "struggles of native Americans:" They were wiping out one another before Columbus' arrival. The Caribs, which were cannibals, depopulated ENTIRE islands in the Caribbean! That is not in the video either.
10. Columbus has nothing to do with Indian reservations. He never reached North America, and he was long dead when that happened.
11. Columbus did not mutilate natives, nor he sold girls for sexual slavery. That is a lie.
12. Columbus was removed from office because he was slandered by his political enemies. He was immediately released by the king and queen because they knew the accusations were false. The people who slandered him ended up in jail for mutiny. That detail is not in the video.
13. "The missionary" Bartolome de las Casas, was also a friend of Columbus and he said Columbus was a good man and a good Christian. That is not in the video. However, Las Casas was the creator and a participant of the Black legend and the myth of the noble savage.

Ted-Ed apparently doesn't know they are here today in America because of Columbus. The video is just propaganda and historical revisionism. To everyone reading this, please take the time to read the primary historical sources. "The Life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus" translated by B. Keen is a good start. Like I usually say, If we should not celebrate Columbus Day because of war, conquest, and slavery, then by the same logic we should not celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day because they did the same, with the addition of cannibalism and human sacrifices, which the video did not mention.

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Our founder Father Michael McGivney died on this day in 1890, just two days after turning 38. 🙏

Check out these amazing stories of his intercession: bit.ly/2JPKUfh
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